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SKA is a family-owned company, established in 1990. With nearly 30 years of expertise and respected presence in the seafood industry, our business claims key specialty in shrimp processing and production, supplying shrimps to buyers all over the world.

Our business capitalizes on a full supply chain, where we farm-raise most of our shrimp using traditional techniques and feed the harvest into our own integrated processing facilities, staffed by committed and trained professionals who operate the processing line. That allows close control over provenance and quality of our shrimp products, as well as the consistency, flexibility and sustainability of production capacity in response to customers' request. Through these combination of attributes, we are always able to offer the best quality of products at competitive prices. 

GOLDEN HILL & FRESH ONE are our flagship brands, well-received and widely acclaimed for nearly 30 years. Although GOLDEN HILL & FRESH ONE are the focus of our sales and marketing, we also supply the market with customer own-brand items. 

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products to our customers with international standards through a team of committed, value-based professionals and protecting the environment, sea and species.


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SKA Strength 



Most of our customers have worked with us for decades know they can rely on us to meet their needs.



Our professionals quality assurance team conduct inspection of our final products on daily basis to ensure that our customers receive only the very best products.



With nearly 30 years experience in the industry, the SKA team are able to provide consistent customer satisfaction through quality assurance, regular supply and optimum price competitiveness.

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Jl Tanjung Pasir-Mamburungan, North Kalimantan, Tarakan, Indonesia.

+(62) 81232223338

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